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Pricing - Value vs. Price

Career Transition Pricing

I have three distinct career transition pricing plans to meet your individual needs.

With all of my plans, you have full access to me by phone, email, and text. We work on what you want to address in your career transition and job search, whether it is exploring alternative careers, establishing and promoting your personal brand, or implementing best practices in your current position.

The six-month career transition pricing plan is best for most people. I've found that by the end of six months, most professionals have either found their ideal job, successfully addressed their career issues, or have a good grasp of the career transition, planning, and job search process to navigate by themselves.

I expect my career transition pricing will increase soon.


Comprehensive review and optimization of your professional resume




  • Review current professional resume
  • One-hour telephone consultation
  • Initial optimization of your resume
  • One-hour review telephone consultation 
  • Final optimization of your professional resume

Unlimited Lifetime Access to Greg Yates by phone, email, and text




  • Lifetime access to me by phone, email, and text
  • Everything in the Six-Month Package
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Walt Hampton, JD

Walt Hampton

Walt Hampton, J.D. - President & Chief Operating Officer ~ Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide - Canton, CT

I wish I had met Greg Yates sooner. I came out of Cornell Law School in 1984. And even though I was very ‘successful,’ the nearly three decades I spent as a trial lawyer never deeply satisfied me. Greg is a powerful speaker, trainer, and coach; he understands well this predicament. As advisor and mentor, as someone who has walked his talk, he can guide you along the path to real professional fulfillment. Our lives are way too short to muddle through in work that doesn’t rock our world. If you’re not waking up every day excited and on fire about your life and your profession, you need Greg.

Susan Sandler

Susan Sandler

Keynote/One-Woman Show 'WINGS', TEDx Theatrical Speaker, Clarity Strategist, Author - Chadds Ford, PA

After I heard Greg speak I felt more committed than ever to pursuing my dreams and not allowing my fears to stand in my way. He tells the story of how he decided to give up the trappings of success in exchange for a more uncertain path … but one that is leading to personal satisfaction and significance. He inspired me with his courage and charmed me with his honesty and wit.

Rick Petry - Trial Attorney

Rick Petry

Trial Attorney, International Speaker, Leadership and Culture Consultant, and Ultimate Success Coach - Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Greg can help you fashion your professional life in a way that becomes more fulfilling. That becomes more passionate. That becomes more rewarding in all ways.

Monica Tarr

Monica Tarr

Former Big 4 Accountant, Chief Health Advocate ~ Restore and Renew - Coeur D Alene, ID

If you’ve ever dreamt about pursuing a career that truly spoke to you, Greg will inspire you to stop considering and start doing. His own personal stories resonated so much with me…that outside appearances of success are sometimes not enough and the wisdom you’ve gained from years of experience can serve others and yourself by pursuing something that is true to your talents, ethics and passions. Greg’s dry wit, amazing honesty and personal success will help you make the positive changes that are uniquely right for you.

Ann Peck

Ann Peck

Freelance Writer & Ambassador at National Society of Newspaper Columnists (NSNC) - Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

As a professional speaker, trainer, and business owner, I know the value that Greg brings to his audiences and I've seen the impact, his personal stories from his own career experiences have on other professionals.

Ellen Latham

Ellen Latham

Creator & Co-Founder of Orangetheory Fitness | Author | Fitness Innovator | Keynote Speaker - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Greg opens your eyes to living your best life. Lessons from his own professional conflicts and his inspirational message will have you leaving prepared to handle your most important decisions. He is warm and convincing.

Lowry Olafson

Lowry Olafson

PowerSongs – It's your life. Make it sing! I help people with no musical experience create a PowerSong - Gibsons, BC, Canada

The hard truths behind Greg’s outwardly stellar success as a highly paid New York City attorney at the top levels of the corporate ladder provide a rare insight into the reality of the emptiness and frustration that greet so many who reach these lofty heights. Greg’s compelling use of a theater metaphor was a powerful and ironic window to hear the story of his rise to a corner office overlooking Broadway’s theater district and how easily compromise and disengagement can derail genuine success on our own terms. By giving us solid pillars on which to base a more honest and fulfilling life, Greg gave us both the why and the how to make simple, do-able shifts that in many cases will be literally life-saving.

Greg is a powerful, supportive and generous ally during a career transition from taking personal inventory to receiving your next offer letter.

Miles // Lawyer - Los Angeles, CA

Greg was easy to book and super helpful. Friendly and professional.

Josh // In-House Counsel

I can’t thank you enough for your help in updating my resume, cover letters and LinkedIn profile. Just as you said, it’s all about connections! I recently accepted a new position as a Deputy General Counsel based on my prior work with my new boss when he was in a law firm. He moved in-house and needed support and he reached out to me. But I firmly believe that the updates you provided helped when he came looking!

Tina // In-House Counsel - Dallas, TX

I got the job [with an Am Law 10 Firm]! Thanks again for your help! The cover letter was referenced multiple times during the multiple rounds of interviews! Everyone was very impressed.

Andrew // Big Law Associate - Pittsburg, PA

Greg is a wonderful and very knowledgeable legal career adviser, and is able to truly understand his client's needs as well as career goals, and how to create practical steps that can be implemented in order to reach their goals

Phoebe // In-House Counsel

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