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A 2020 ALM survey of over 3,800 lawyers found 31.2% felt depressed, 64% had anxiety, 10.1% felt they had an alcohol problem, and 2.8% had a drug problem.

Further, Prudential’s Pulse of the American Worker Survey conducted in March 2021 found 1 in 3 Millennials are planning to look for a new job with a different employer once the pandemic is no longer an issue.

How about you?

Discover the “Lawyer Career Transition System℠” for transitioning your career into a job or entrepreneurial venture where you use your skills in interesting ways? Where you do work meaningful to you and where you have control over your work and life. Where you feel healthy and alive and are available and present for yourself, your family, and your friends. Where you earn enough money to live a prosperous life.

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Then, we work on your personalized branding and promotion to put you in front of people who can hire you for your perfect job and ideal career.

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You can take control of your career and your life. Yes, they are intertwined and inseparable. Take an honest look at yourself and your family. Rediscover your interests and passions. Imagine your ideal career and your perfect life. Then make a plan to achieve the success and prosperity you dream of on those restless nights. And most important, take action and be accountable.

An excellent way to start your career transition is to read my newsletter every week. I send it to my friends, colleagues, and clients every Sunday morning (isn't that the only time most of us can step away from our demanding work for a few minutes?).

You can expect short, to the point, actionable tips, ideas, and guidance from me and other people I respect to help you on your career transition journey.

Why I Focus on Lawyer Career Transitions

After years of practicing in Big Law, in-house, and with a boutique firm, I realized my calling was to serve other attorneys and professionals by helping them in the career transition process.

I assist other lawyers and professionals who desire but don’t know how to:

• advance along their current career path to achieve their professional goals and to develop more business

• move their practice to another law firm or go in-house

• become an entrepreneur, either inside or outside the legal industry

• leave the law to pursue an alternative career for lawyers path

Since I,

• understand the changing landscape of the legal industry and know the high pressure and stress faced by many lawyers

• experienced, both myself and through countless stories from others, the professional and personal struggles (alcohol and drug addiction, depression, and anxiety) many lawyers face, and

• have been through the lawyer career transition process quite a few times myself,

I serve lawyers from a unique position.

This perspective permits me to help lawyers in their career transitions to achieve professional and personal successes exceeding their wildest dreams and aspirations.


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Rick Petry, JD

Trial Attorney, International Speaker, Leadership and Culture Consultant, and Ultimate Success Coach - Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Greg can help you fashion your professional life in a way that becomes more fulfilling. 

That becomes more passionate.

That becomes more rewarding in all ways.

Walt Hampton, JD

President & Chief Operating Officer ~ Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide - Canton, CT

I wish I had met Greg sooner. I came out of Cornell Law School in 1984. 

And even though I was very ‘successful,’ the nearly three decades I spent as a trial lawyer never deeply satisfied me. 

As advisor and mentor, as someone who has walked his talk, Greg can guide you along the path to real professional fulfillment. 

Our lives are way too short to muddle through in work that doesn’t rock our world.

If you’re not waking up every day excited and on fire about your life and your profession, you need Greg.

Ellen Latham

Creator & Co-Founder of Orangetheory Fitness | Author | Fitness Innovator | Keynote Speaker - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Greg opens your eyes to living your best life. 

Lessons from his own professional conflicts and his inspirational message will have you leaving prepared to handle your most important decisions.

He is warm and convincing.


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"; Lawyer Job Search Sites - Tips For Lawyer's Careers

July 1


Lawyer Job Search Sites 2021 Revision and Expansion

By Greg Yates

July 1, 2015

Lawyer Job Search With Women At Computer

My wish is that the information and resources on this page provide the inspiration and motivation for you to find the perfect job and create your ideal career, in or out of the law. Good luck!

The "Quick Navigation" menu directly below has clickable links to take you to the major subheadings or specific articles on this page.  Click on the small triangle in the gray box in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to quickly scroll to the top of this page for fast access to the menu.

Table of Contents

Lawyer Job Search Sites 

2021 Revision and Expansion

Casually browsing lawyer job search sites is a waste of time for most lawyers. At least the way it is typically done. Lawyers should only spend time on job search sites after completing several initial steps in the career transition process. Even then, the time spent on those sites should be for short periods as part of an information-gathering exercise.

Then, why am I writing a long article about lawyer job search sites? Because I know the first thing most lawyers do when thinking about a career transition is to look at job search sites. That’s reality.

I must provide what lawyers want, not what I think they need. If I don’t, you won’t even consider other ways I might serve you.


Before we get to the lawyer job search site list, let me briefly describe how spending time on search sites should fit into your career transition process.

  • First, you need to reconsider your life and career to identify your true purpose and passions. If you don’t bring your purpose and passions into better alignment with your job and career, you will soon find the same frustrations and unhappiness in any position.
  • Second, recognize your interests and strengths. Your interests and strengths in law and non-legal interests and skills you have developed in your life. Your strengths also include the unique characteristics reflected in your personality. Prepare to build on your interests and strengths in finding a new job.
  • Third, spend the time to envision a picture of your perfect career and life. Until you are clear about your vision, you won’t know how your next job will help you move along a career path to achieve your ideal career and life.

You won’t be ready to set goals and revitalize your career until going through the preceding steps.

You might spend a limited amount of time on legal or other job search sites. You probably will not get a job just by applying for positions on job search sites. However, you might get valuable information and leads to use in your career transition process.


Lawyer job search sites may be useful for:

  • discovering potential areas of the law and related positions that may pique your interest and lead to further research for possible jobs and career paths
  • learning about job descriptions and specific duties of various positions
  • determining the skills and qualifications firms and other employers look for in different practice areas and settings
  • uncovering terms that firms, companies, and other organizations use in describing your ideal job (so you can include them in your resume and LinkedIn profile)
  • identifying organizations and individuals to contact for an informational interview
  • locating firms and other employers in a hiring mode, and discovering which practice areas and positions are in high demand


  • occasionally, identifying a specific position ideal for you and where you will apply


The search terms you use on lawyer job search sites are the most crucial factor in obtaining relevant job listings. Even at a high level, a keyword can make an enormous difference in the search results. A recent job search on the LinkedIn site for the word “lawyer” returned a list of 13,830 lawyer jobs in the United States, but a job search for the word “attorney” returned 31,079 lawyer jobs in the United States.

Experiment using a variety of keywords in your job search queries. Each search engine and site are different. There may be significant differences in the search results between the terms “lawyer” and “attorney.” While most search engines focused on the legal market favor the keyword “lawyer,” this is not always the case. Search engines and sites focused on the corporate market seem to prefer the keyword “attorney.” You probably want to use both keywords for your initial lawyer job search queries.

After you have completed the broadest search for potentially relevant jobs, narrow your search, or you will waste a considerable amount of your precious time reviewing irrelevant job listings. Use the filters provided to weed out irrelevant job listings. You may also use keywords to focus your search results.

Once you have identified the most effective and efficient way to find job listings on a lawyer job search site, save that search to use again later. Some sites allow you to save search queries. If you can’t save the search query, make a note to yourself for later searches.

Many lawyer job search sites allow you to be notified by email when a new job is listed matching the parameters of one of your relevant searches. Take advantage of this feature. You don’t want to continually review the same search results or try to remember the date you last searched a site.

Besides the lawyer job search sites listed here, also identify industry-focused job search sites. These sites are more useful than general sites for lawyers focused on a practice area or industry.

Explore websites of industry associations and groups to locate these valuable job search resources for lawyers. For example, the eFinancialCareers site allows you to search for lawyer jobs in the financial industry. A recent search on the eFinancialCareers site returned 318 jobs for the term “lawyer.”


  • Google for Jobs is not a job posting site per se, but it is “Google.” Google for Jobs indexes virtually all the major general online job listing services and boards, including LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, and Facebook, among others. It also indexes legal and specialized job search sites, including Attorney Jobs in USA, LawJobs, and Idealist.

Also, Google for Jobs includes job listings it finds on company homepages. Jobs posted natively on Indeed are the major exception to the general job board listings indexed by Google for Jobs. You can sort job search results by title (various titles for the position), city, date posted, type (i.e., full-time, part-time, etc.), company type (e.g., law firm or company’s industry), and employer. See this article for tips on how to best use Google for Jobs.

  • LinkedIn Jobs is a top job search site for professionals. Before you search, if you have a LinkedIn profile (and if you don’t, stop right now and complete your profile), look at the “Based on your profile” section just below the search box. You will see a list of jobs selected for you by LinkedIn based on your profile. For more information on how to use LinkedIn Job Search, see “How to Use LinkedIn Job Search to Land Your Dream Job.”
  • is the best general job search aggregator site for most purposes. Indeed’s proprietary job listings (it also indexes listing found elsewhere) are not included in Google for Jobs. See the “Guide: Using Job Search” for more detailed information on how to get the most out of Indeed.
  • After Indeed, the two best general job search aggregators are and Glassdoor. You might also want to check out and The position listings on these aggregators are shown in Google for Jobs. The main reason for looking at these sites is special features such as Glassdoor’s salary information.
  • LinkUp provides legal and non-legal postings directly from employer websites.


  • Attorney Jobs in USA provides listings for law firm jobs, in-house counsel jobs, and law student jobs around the US.
  • LawJobs is a consolidated site of legal job postings from American Lawyer Media’s stable of legal publications including, the American Law Journal, Corporate Counsel, The National Law Journal, New York Law Journal, and the Daily Business Review (South Florida). LawJobs concentrates on jobs in Fortune 1000 companies and AmLaw 200 firms.
  • Job postings sites of state bar associations, local bar associations, or voluntary and affinity bar associations in your city of interest. For a list of many of these organizations, see “Legal Associations & Organizations.”
  • GoBigLaw posts, as the name suggests, Big Law positions.
  • LawMatch is a job posting site open to all attorneys, law students, paralegals, and other legal industry professionals who may be seeking or considering full-time, part-time, or contract opportunities. 


  • USA Jobs is the official site for most federal jobs and employment information. You can apply for many jobs directly through the site. Using Occupational Series Codes in the Advanced Search may be beneficial in getting better search results. Use the Occupational Code 0905 for attorney positions. Many positions don’t use “attorney” or “lawyer” in the title. Use Occupational Code 0301 for Miscellaneous Administration, 0343 for Management and Program Analysis, and 0904 for Law Clerk positions. Other popular JD Advantage positions can be found using Occupational Code 0260 for Equal Employment Specialist and 1801 for Immigration or Asylum Officer.


  • OSCAR is the online clerkship application system for federal clerkship and staff positions.
  • United States Courts Judiciary Jobs lists diverse career opportunities within the federal courts, federal public defender organizations, and the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.


  • Work for Good helps purpose-driven organizations and talented professionals connect, so together, you can do the best work possible.
  • B Work connects purpose-driven job seekers with positions at social enterprises using business as a force for good.


  • USAJOBS is the official website for most federal jobs and employment information. You can apply for jobs directly through the site. Use Occupational Codes 0343 and 0301 for policy positions.
  • CQ Roll Call is Congressional Quarterly’s listing of jobs on and around Capitol Hill.
  • The Hill lists positions on Capitol Hill and job postings for the federal government, policy, political, public affairs, lobbying, and public relations positions in Washington, DC.
  • HillZoo list positions on (and around) Capitol Hill.
  • B Work connects purpose-driven job seekers with positions at social enterprises who are using business as a force for good.


  • GoingInHouse lists, as the name suggests, in-house legal positions.



  • HigherEdJobs posts a few attorney jobs but is mainly for those seeking other positions in higher education.


  • Association CareerHQ lists executive and administrative positions with professional associations along with a few jobs for attorneys.
  • Association Forum posts jobs with professional associations and a few jobs for lawyers.  


  • Health Care Compliance Association is a member-based association for compliance professionals in the healthcare provider field that lists compliance positions and a few attorney positions.



  • JournalismJobs lists journalism and writing jobs, some in legal journalism and writing.








  • Federal Trade Commission posts jobs available at the Federal Trade Commission including, internships and full-time employment. 



  • eFinancialCareers lists some attorney jobs but is primarily for those seeking other positions in the financial services industry. 



  • Google Family Attorney listings include family, matrimonial, divorce, and child advocacy and protection lawyer positions.
  • Indeed Family Attorney postings include family, matrimonial, divorce, and child advocacy and protection lawyer positions. 








  • Environmental Protection Agency notes that most offices that hire attorneys use; some offices (listed under this link) might prefer to receive application materials on a rolling basis and contact you if/when a position becomes available. 



  • Health Care Compliance Association is a member-based association for compliance professionals in the healthcare provider field that posts compliance positions and a few attorney positions.











  • LandmanJobs posts Landman (land manager) and other real estate-related jobs. 



  • Teamwork Online primarily lists JD Preferred and non-legal positions in the sports and live event industries.



  • Lawlternate states jobs on their “board are hand-picked from a variety of sources and feature start-ups, non-profits, and established corporations.”
  • The Posse List is a listserv that posts document reviews, paralegal positions, forensics positions, litigation support positions, project management positions, compliance positions, general counsel/assistant general counsel positions – everything across the legal employment field. It also posts special projects and surveys.

There are several other legal (and general) job search sites that require a paid subscription. Some of these sites may be worth the subscription fee in exceptional circumstances. Some may not. If in doubt, do your research.

Final Thoughts

There is little reason for lawyers to spend time on job search sites until they have identified their core purpose and passions, assessed their strongest skills, and envisioned what their ideal career and life would look like.

Once a lawyer has done the work in the career transition process, I recommend spending less than 10% of their job search time on job search sites. A much more effective and efficient use of your job search time is networking, making direct contacts, and promoting your personal brand.

Job search sites may be useful for uncovering terms that firms, companies, and recruiters use in describing your ideal job. The sites may also help identify firms and companies in a hiring mode. Beyond that, waste little of your time on these sites.

If you have done the preliminary work, you should focus your job search efforts on making contacts and learning more about the firms, companies, and industries where you will find your ideal job.


If you use lawyer job search sites in your job-hunting process, I suggest you use these sites:

Google Jobs – the most comprehensive job site for both law and non-law jobs.

LinkedIn – the best place to locate professional jobs. The site also has information about employers, recruiters, and members of your professional network that will be useful in your job search.

Indeed – The best of the general job search sites for lawyers at the current time. When I researched this article six years ago, I would have picked SimplyHired instead, but Indeed has moved ahead of SimplyHired at his time. Both are good. You can experiment to see which one is best for your needs.

SimplyHired – Simplyired has slipped behind Indeed for lawyer job searches. Six years ago, I put SimplyHired ahead of Indeed (see above). Not today. Both are good. You can experiment to see which one is best for your needs.

Association of Corporate Counsel Job Line – For in-house lawyer job searches.

PSJD – For non-profit, government, and other public interest job searches.

If you have a narrow job target in a specialized practice area or industry, look at the lawyer job search websites’ descriptions above to see if any might be useful to you.

I have listed none of the general lawyer job sites that cater exclusively to attorneys. I believe that they have outlived their usefulness and do not provide the value provided by listings and search functions available in the sites listed above.


I started a career consulting practice to serve lawyers and other professionals after a successful career as a practicing attorney.

Before starting my career consulting business, I was a:

• Equity partner at two of the largest law firms in the country

• Rainmaker who developed an annual book of business of over $3.5 million

• Winner of the Turnaround Management Association Turnaround of the Year – Large Company 2011

• Lawyer in a small boutique firm

• In-house counsel for a publicly-traded investment firm, and

• Manager at a Fortune 500 company and several small businesses

I Now Work With Lawyers and Other Professionals to Help Them Revitalize Their Careers And Achieve Success, Prosperity, and Personal Fulfillment.

The post “Lawyer Job Search Sites – 2021 Revision and Expansion” appeared first on the Professional Career Transitions website.

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Greg Yates

About the author

I help lawyers revitalize their careers, in or out of the law. I assist them in finding the perfect job and creating their ideal career. I show lawyers how to excel in their careers and find personal fulfillment in their work by effectively marketing themselves and their services to potential employers and clients.

My work helps attorneys develop a career path to success and prosperity. I act as a confidant, adviser, mentor, consultant, and business coach for big-thinking attorneys ready to embrace a career and life of passion, purpose, energy, and financial security.

I am a keynote speaker, author of a career advice book and numerous articles, and business owner. I am also an attorney career, business development, and marketing expert.

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