Transition Your Career Starting Today!

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You can expect short, to the point, actionable tips, ideas, and guidance from me and other people I respect to help you on your career transition journey.

Lawyer Career Transitions and Revitalizations

I am available to you as Lawyer Career Transitions and Revitalizations Coach. I use the term “coach” as a metaphor for what I do, not as a job title.

I help attorneys define their dream career path. Then, I facilitate transitioning and revitalizing your career to put you on your ideal career path to achieve success, prosperity, and personal fulfillment.

If you are an attorney and want to

  • leave the legal profession to pursue a career path that excites you

  • become an entrepreneur, either inside or outside the legal industry

  • move to another law firm, work in-house, or move to another organization


I Can Help You!

Depending on your personal needs and goals, the stage of your career and life, and the phase of the career transition and revitalization process you are in, I serve as a:

  • Confidant

  • Advisor

  • Advocate

  • Mentor

  • Motivator

  • Accountability Partner

  • Coach

Whether your ideal career path is to advance your career in the legal industry or leave the legal profession altogether, my role in your career transition and revitalization is to focus on your agenda to reinvigorate your career and life.

My Career Transition and Revitalization Experience and Knowledge

I bring my experience and knowledge to the table, the wisdom of my former partners and colleagues, and ideas from people I have talked to or read about. We work together to help you create your ideal career path.

I understand the upheaval in the legal industry. I can relate to your challenges in transitioning to a career outside the law to create a career path leading to success, prosperity, and personal fulfillment.


Career Transitions and Revitalizations

You decide what we focus on in the career transition and revitalization process.

The scope is as broad or narrow as you wish.

If you ask me to, after listening to your concerns, I will give you my analysis of the best way to address your challenges in transitioning to your ideal career and life. Most likely, we will address your most pressing concerns that relate to:

  • your current career path

  • your strengths and assets

  • your future professional life – in or out of law

  • your plans to achieve your ideal career and life

These areas are interrelated. They are usually best addressed comprehensively, but your focus can be as narrow as you wish.

The Career Transition and Revitalization Process

You talk. I listen.

You talk about your career, your life, and the challenges you face in the transition process. You talk about your deepest beliefs and your wildest desires, dreams, and aspirations.

I ask questions to help you clarify your current career and life, core beliefs and purpose, and ideal career and life.

  • I help you evaluate your career and life to get a clear picture of reality

  • I support you in rediscovering your core purpose and beliefs

  • I help you envision your ideal career and life

Then I help you focus on leveraging your strengths, interests, and vision to develop an action plan to revitalize your career and life.

Career Transition and Revitalization Action Plans

Once you have a detailed vision of your ideal career and life, we work together to develop short- and long-term goals to get you there.

To help you transition and reinvigorate your career, we take a strategic approach we:

  • develop specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant action steps to reach your goals

  • structure the action steps to get you to your ideal career and life in a reasonable amount of time

  • track your progress and adjust as needed

We then work to leverage your strengths to help you achieve your goals in the fastest and most efficient way.

I also suggest tools, techniques, methods, and systems to implement your action plan.

Accountability in the Career Transition and Revitalization Process

Accountability in professional transition and revitalization is critical.

Accountability to yourself and others helps inspire and motivate you to maintain your progress. Accountability can also lead to recalibrating your action plan as you progress through the process.

I serve as an accountability partner to help you transition and revitalize your career and life.